More cake pops! yay!

Here are some more cake pops I made the other day. These were made using paramount crystals in the chocolate (see my blog post  ‘the secret ingedient‘) to help with the dipping. These are probably my best ever cake pops (still not perfect though!) and I decided to go with a green and purple combo. They colours work well together and before the chocolate set I  sprinkled some edible glitter and added butterflies made from fondant. I stuck them on the cake pop using the remaning chocolate, filling it into a piping bag and using it as ‘glue’. The cake pop is chocolate mud cake and I added some frosting to help keep the shape.

This time, I made sure that after I rolled them into small balls, I left them in the fridge for a little longer before poking them with the stick with a little bit of chocolate on it. I then put it back into the fridge for 30 minutes before dipping the entire cake pop into melted chocolate. I didnt colour these chocolates with food colouring, these are readymade coloured chocolate. However I am noticing that it will be cheaper for me in the long run to

And here they are!

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Rose cake pop bouquet

So making rose cake pops wasn’t enough for me – I decided to wrap them up nicely in the style of a bouquet!

I put 7 together nicely with some ribbon and some kind of paper I’m not entirely sure the name of and voila, a beautiful rose cake pop bouquet that would make anyone smile!

Interested in a bouquet? get in touch for more details!

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Rose Pops

I was feeling a little creative tonight and the idea of these came to me after I had a lovely evening with my walking buddy Nazeera. She mentioned something about roses and suddenly, the idea of rose pops came to me. I went home and had some of my sisters caramel mud cupcakes left over.

So what did I do? I mashed up the cupcakes using a beater and added chocolate frosting before rolling it into rose bud moulds. I then dipped each one in pink coloured chocolate and added fondant leaves to them. After they were all dipped and had hardened, I piped the swirls to finish off the rose look.

Here they are! 🙂

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The secret ingredient….

Now, this might be old news for some but it’s definitely news to me so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to it. I have found the chocolate makers secret ingredient! Ever wondered how they get their chocolate so smooth, consistent and avoid the chocolate from hardening while working with it? I was reading about it the other day and they use a ingredient called ‘paramount crystals’. I decided to try it next time I make cake pops or use it to make chocolate moulds. It worked so well! The chocolate was nice and smooth, no lumps! and it covered the cake pops almost effortlessly and so well! I also tried using it for cupcake decorating , it is the best invention ever! Paramount crystals also help for when you want to design your cake pops using a piping bag.

So the next time you try making chocolate or making cake pops, add 1 tsp of paramount crystals to every 2 cups of chocolate and see whether it makes a difference 🙂

Double the colour, double the fun!

Hey everyone!

These are my favourite cupcake designs to date! A little experiment and creativity goes a long way, and this time I tried something a little different with my swirls by using 2 colours instead of 1. Again, the swirls are made using ganache but can anyone tell me how I got the double colour swirl look? The first correct answer gets 6 double colour swirly cupcakes! (sorry everyone else but this is for Brisbane only!)

Here they are!

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A splash of purple!

Here are some cupcakes made for our trip to the beach at the Gold Coast! Unfortunately the weather wasnt too good and we had to cut our trip short which meant that the cupcakes had a nice ride to the Coast and back before being eaten during tea time.

I used Wilton gel paste to get the bright pink colour (not so bright on the photos for some reason) and coloured the fondant with Wilton gel paste too! I find it to be the best colouring to use for anything because the colour comes out very solid and consistent. The cake was vanilla sponge in flavour, toppped off with white chocolate ganache and then decorated with purple coloured fondant. Easy peasy! 🙂

And here they are!

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Blue on blue

Here are some cupcakes that were made as a little indulgent for Jaaveds cousin who has been buried in her books for months studying for her CA exams!

I used moist vanilla cake and made the topic with ganache. Instead of using white chocolate for the ganache and adding blue food colouring, I used blue coloured chocolate melts, which worked so much better as the colour came out beautiful! The flowers and the leaf were made from fondant and cut with flower and leaf cutters. These are a nice and easy little treat to make for any occasion.

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to the perfect cupcake!

Goodluck with exams Basheera! 🙂


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