Pink -a- licious

Here are some cupcakes I made the same night as the hot chocolate cupcakes. I had leftover batter and decided to try out my skills with piping ganache and creating a floral pattern. I don’t have a tutorial for this one I’m sorry! I will be making some more of these soon, so keep a look out. Here are some tips on how to make them.

Make sure you don’t overfill the cupcake cases with batter (half filled is good). If the cupcake rises too much, use a serrated knife to trim it down so that it is level with the cupcake case. Mix cream and cooking chocolate to make the ganache (I added some food colouring to give it that pink colour) and let is set for a little while. Make sure that it doesnt get too hard, but enough to pipe comfortably on the cupcakes. Fill a piping bag with ganache (see my tutorial for some helpful hints on on how to fill a piping bag) and pipe around the cupcake to give it a “soft serve” look. Set aside and start working on the flowers.

Roll out fondant to desired size and use flower and leaf stencils for cutting out the desired size of your flowers and leaf. Cut out one big flower and one small one and using a brush with a bit of water, place the small one on top of the big flower before adding the small ball in the middle.

Place the leaf first on the cupcake and then the flowers on either side of it. And here they are!

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2 thoughts on “Pink -a- licious

  1. Salaams Siddiqa… these are sooo pretty! so the cakes are chocolate? Also, did you use normal milk chocolate or was it white chocolate? And was it liquid food colouring? Shukran!

    • Wasalam Zaakira! The cake is moist chocolate fudge cake and for the ganache I used white chocolate and coloured it using liquid food colouring. Hope that helps! 🙂

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