Double the colour, double the fun!

Hey everyone!

These are my favourite cupcake designs to date! A little experiment and creativity goes a long way, and this time I tried something a little different with my swirls by using 2 colours instead of 1. Again, the swirls are made using ganache but can anyone tell me how I got the double colour swirl look? The first correct answer gets 6 double colour swirly cupcakes! (sorry everyone else but this is for Brisbane only!)

Here they are!

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5 thoughts on “Double the colour, double the fun!

  1. These are definitely pretty! So either you put half blue and half green icing in your piping bag or you have the new type of piping bag that allows you to use the 2 colours without them mixing together….. (if i’m correct, you can send my prize to any of my uncles’ houses! :-P)

      • Lol close enough! Have a look at this shop called Lakeland. Its here in the UK, not sure about anywhere else. Its a home shop so check under the baking section, I think. They sell all different types of icing bags and guns as well. Now you have a good excuse to get Jaaved to bring you here!

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