Money saving tips and tricks

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Cake decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. In fact, the more you look around your home, the more materials you will find that will help substitute expensive cake decorating tools.

The accountant in me couldnt resist  posting about money saving tricks and tips to help you get started without having to fork out too much $$$!!

Tip #1
Flower moulding tools can cost anywhere between $8-$10 per mould. A substitute for this, I use Jaaveds mini paint pallette that fits 12 flowers and the end result is just the same as what you would get with the mould. This pallette cost $1 from the dollar store so even if you buy a couple of these, youll still have some change leftover. Saving of $7!!

Tip #2 cake pop holders
Cake pop holder are hard to find and even buying styrofoam can get expensive! For this, I’ve found it so easy and cheap to buy florist blocks. These are blocks that you can also find at the dollar store and are primarily used for flower arrangements. Using these make it easy to stick the cake pop sticks into the block and can be used again and again or thrown away after each use. I bought these for $1.50 a $2 depending on the size. Cake pop stands cost anywhere between $15-$20! A saving of $13!

Tip #3 Ready to Roll Fondant (RTRF)

I only ever buy white fondant and this way I can color it whatever colour I want without having to buy different colours separately. Not only does this save money, it reduces wastage bcause you can colour fondant depending on how much you need.

Tip #4 Food colouring

Food colouring is an important tool for cake  decorating and it’s important to have the right brand and type. To help colour materials like fondant, the best colouring (in my opinion) to use is Wilton concentrated gel paste. These are extremely good to use for everything, but make sure you don’t use too much. It’s a concentrate, so a little goes a long way! This is a great  money saving trick as these gel paste last ages! Try buying them in a box of all Colours rather than separately. You can save anywhere between $20-$25.

Thats all for now! I will be blogging more about money saving tricks soon!

Happy saving! 🙂


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