Angry Birds Cake pops

So I gave in to the big craze over Angry Birds! Jaaved is a huge fan, so I made these for him 🙂 These took me a while to make and although I don’t have a full tutorial  for these (there are way too many steps!) I am happy to answer any specific questions.

I used chocolate mudcake because I find these the easiest to make shapes with. The rest is actually made from fondant. I thought about using chocolate but the thought of the mess I create when I work with chocolate was enough to put me off 😛

To make the yellow bird (see pics here) I cut out a heart shape using a heart cutter. I then cut off the tops of the heart which left me with a nice triangle shape. I covered it with fondant and worked on the eyes, nose etc using different cutters but most of it was done free hand. For the red bird, I made a ball out of the mudcake and covered it with red fondant.

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And here they are! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Angry Birds Cake pops

  1. wow u r so creative.
    sorry 4 being dumb but what is frosting that u add to cake before forming
    im really enjoyin ur blog.

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