DEJAN SEO branded cupcakes

I’ve been sending cupcakes and cake pops to Jaaved’s work (DEJAN SEO) for a little while now and thought I would try something different – making branded cupcakes!

These vanilla cupcakes were coloured green (as part of the whole branding thing) and I piped vanilla frosting over it before adding the toppers. The toppers were made using fondant. Firstly, I cut out the circle and then placed a 1cm by 1cm green square on top of it. I then used the remaining frosting for the lines to create the logo! Easy!

The employees loved it so much, they even blogged about it on their company website! Check it out here

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One thought on “DEJAN SEO branded cupcakes

  1. O my god!! I just love them!!!!! I wonder if Cup Cakes With Siddiqa would make some specific design for my workplace!!! My mouth is watering looking at that piped vanilla frosting and it is making me frosty inside!!!

    James the Cup Cake man gives the big THUMBS UP!!!

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