Fondant cake – Attempt #1

I attempted my first ever fondant cake last week for my sister Sumaiya’s birthday. I decided to make a pink and purple (I seem to love that combination!)  vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache.

I have a few pictures to show how I attempted it. Unfortunately, I dont have photos of the entire process mainly because after the third photo, it got a bit umm.. kinda messy :S

Here is my cake. I made two separate cakes and filled the middle with ganache (not enough I realised after we cut it!) and then started applying the rest around and top of the cake.

Heres the cake smoothed out on top.

Remember how i was saying it got messy? Yeah, this is where it started! I managed to smooth it out even more than the above photo. I then put it in the fridge and started working on the fondant.

I coloured my fondant and and rolled it out according to the measurements of the cake (which ive forgotten :S). I applied it on and then worked on the bow. I learnt how to make the bow on this video and for a first time, it turned out pretty good!

I then added the flowers on the side and using the Wilton lettering set, wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it 🙂

The fondant was a bit dry so I had issues on the side with cracking, but I’ve learnt my lesson so hopefully my next cake will be smooth! 🙂


And here it is!

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