more purple and pink!

I seem to use a lot of the purple and pink colours when I make cupcakes, and here is another lot! Eeeek! I need to move on to different colours now.

Anyways, here are some cupcakes I made and I used my texture sheets and cutters that my awesome mum sent for me as a gift 😉 Again, very simple to make.

  1. Vanilla cupcakes.
  2. Purple ganache piped around the cupcake.
  3. Purple fondant rolled on a texture sheet.
  4. Fondant cut with a cutter.
  5. Applied on cupcake.
  6. Flower made from fondant with a flower cutter.
  7. Left on a paint palette to get the curved shape.
  8. Applied leftover ganache to the centre of the flower.
  9. Stuck flower on the purple topper.

The End


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