Cake problems and solutions

Phew! What a day its been!

Today Nazeera and I attempted a massive 90 cut birthday cake and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Now, usually when I’m baking cupcakes and one cupcake isnt quite right or is ruined for whatever reason, I can give it to Jaaved to eat 😛 or use it to make cake pops. I realised with an actual cake, you definitely cant eat the part that didnt quite turn out right!

Here are some things that went wrong while making this cake and this blog post is to help people who have been in that situation before and to help overcome these problems.

1. The chocolate for the ganache overheated. We used thickened cream and I overheated the chocolate so it started to stiffen and curdle. In a panic, I was about to start a new batch, but instead, we let the ganache cool, drained out the excessive liquid, added a bit more cream, and after about an hour or so, it was ready to use!

2. We applied the ganache, smoothed it over and we were left with a 9 and a 0 that was just covered in blue staring at us. We were lost for ideas for a moment, then decided to pipe around the number to give it a more defined look. We tried colouring the ganache, but the oil based food colouring was giving us some funky colours so we ended up with a teal look, which actually worked quite well!

3.The ganache for piping was too runny this time though, so we had to keep it in the fridge for a while before piping queen Nazeera piped neatly around the numbers. ( I so wish I had taken photos of this whole process!)

4. Since the theme of the party was blue, we decided to make it a white polka dot cake. We cut out fondant with a cutter (rolled it over a texture sheet) and applied it around cake and on top. I couldnt help my self when I saw the white circles around the cake and decided to put some flowers on them 😛

5. Finally, we put circles on the cake board vertically, and piped “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on it.

So next time you feel overwhelmed with a cake to decorate and everything seems to be going from bad to worse, here are three things you need to help you get through and produce a beautiful cake

1) Patience. Be patient and let your mind think things through and then proceed.

2) Moral support. The whole experience was so much better because we decorated the cake together and chipped in where we could to get the end result.

3) Breathe. Just breathe.

And 4 hours, 6 packets of chocolate melts, lots of blue colouring and even more patience, we came up with this…

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