Baby Shower Cake pops

I had a blast making these yummy little treats for a baby shower that I recently attended.  Jaaved’s cousin Zakiyah (mother to be!)  had requested for cake pops favours to give away to guests at her party. After much research (meaning google :P) on what sort of cake pops to make to fit the baby theme, I came up with these baby rattle designs. The marshmallows were Jaaved’s idea (had to give him credit!) and the little tags that read “Thank you for attending Zakiyah’s baby shower”  were also made by him.

Oreo and cream cheese cakepop with pink chocolate coating and fondant flowers ‘glued’ on.


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Fondant and flowers

I love using fondant and my collection of flower cutters to make cupcakes.

These cupcakes are covered in white vanilla fondant (also used my texture sheets) topped off with a flower and leaves and piped in the middle! I think I now need to invest into different cutters. :S

I’m loving the quality of these photos taken by the new camera I got Jaaved for our anniversary. After 2 years of marriage, you start buying gifts that are going to be beneficial to yourself too 😛


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Feeling the love…

I know these are a bit late for Valentines, but hey, who needs Valentines to make these beautiful little treats! Surprise your loved ones any day with these easy to make loved-up cupcakes.

Whipped ganache, piped with half red and half white and topped off with a fondant heart and red decos.

Happy Baking!


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Valentines Cakepops

Valentines Day is just around the corner so if you’re looking for a thoughtful, fun, easy and cheap way to suprise your loved one, try making these heart cake pops!

I used a small heart cutter so that the cake pops doesn’t become too heavy on the stick. I used chocolate mudcake and mixed it together using an electrical beater.

I used lollipop sticks but as a substitute, you can also use short skewers.

Merckens red chocolate melted at 30 second intervals.

After this step, set it aside for 10 minutes in a cool area.

Dip the rest of the cake pop into the chocolate making sure the entire heart is covered.

Roll out some fondant and using a smaller heart cutter and a textured sheet, cut out hearts and using leftover chocolate as glue, stick them on to each cake pop.


Australian themed cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for one of my first customers (woop woop!). They had asked for Australian themed cupcakes to share with their family on Australia day. I tried something new with the cupcakes by layering them with the colours of the Australian flag, and it turned out pretty good!

Pipe some whipped ganache (added edible dust to the mixture) and top them off with some Australian themed toppers!


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