Valentines Cakepops

Valentines Day is just around the corner so if you’re looking for a thoughtful, fun, easy and cheap way to suprise your loved one, try making these heart cake pops!

I used a small heart cutter so that the cake pops doesn’t become too heavy on the stick. I used chocolate mudcake and mixed it together using an electrical beater.

I used lollipop sticks but as a substitute, you can also use short skewers.

Merckens red chocolate melted at 30 second intervals.

After this step, set it aside for 10 minutes in a cool area.

Dip the rest of the cake pop into the chocolate making sure the entire heart is covered.

Roll out some fondant and using a smaller heart cutter and a textured sheet, cut out hearts and using leftover chocolate as glue, stick them on to each cake pop.



One thought on “Valentines Cakepops

  1. Cup Cakes with Siddiqa where the hell are my love heart Cake Pops this year?? Well I still don’t have a Valentine but I was hoping maybe I could spend some quality time with my favourite girl – Ms Fondant – o how sweet she tastes.

    James The Cup Cake Man

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