Whimsical Foundation Cake Class

I attended the Whimsical Foundation Cake Class over the weekend, I did the round cake class on Saturday and the square on Sunday. As part of my 25 things to do before turning 25, this was number 6 on my list and I couldnt wait for these classes. I’ve been counting down for months!

I finally found out how to get those sharp edges on square cake and how to make round ones look half way decent! The bow was the tricky bit because you have to be quick with your fingers so that the shape turns out the way you want. I had a blast with the class of 8 and the 7 hours I fiddled with my cake making the finishing touches. We learnt different techniques on ganaching cake, applying fondant and covering cake boards without chocolate marks! I was indeed in Cake Heaven this weekend!

Can not wait till Jaaved books me in for the 2 tier cake and flower making class *hint hint*

Here are some photos of the end result.  Enjoy and Happy Baking everyone!

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Remember when I mentioned in my last blog that I want to start using different designs on my cupcakes? Well, I tried stenciling! I used a cake stencil that I had purchased a while back. With some leftover whipped ganache I spread it over the stencil and…. ta-da!

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A little sunshine

I made these cupcakes a few weeks ago when it was raining day in day out and thought it would be a nice change to all the dullness. I love how this yellow ganache turned out and I had a great time experimenting with piping and colouring. I piped the ganache using a start tip and added white flower fondant. I’m starting to look for more different things to do with cupcakes now so watch this space for some exciting new designs! 🙂

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Shopping with Siddiqa

Most females love shopping for handbags, shoes and jewerelly, but I love shopping for cupcake decorating items (AND handbags, shoes and jewerelly! :p) On our recent trip to beautiful Melbourne, I came across this nice little shop at the Victoria street markets. Everything in this store was half the price of what I would pay anywhere else so naturally I went a little crazy with all the fancy cupcake cases, tools and little bits and bobs. My dear husband took the chance to capture these amazing moments of me at this store, buying away! Have a look at the goodies I scored!


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Cupcake Vending Machine? Whooaaa!

I got sent this link by my sister Ayesha about a 24 hour Cupcake Vending Machine coming soon in New York! How awesome is that? I mean, it’s not the same as going into a bakery smelling of  freshly baked goodness, but hey, if youre out and about at 2 in the morning and craving a delicious red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, these vending machines wont let you down. Or if you forgot your friends birthday, pop over to the vending machine and it’ll dispense one yummy cupcake all packaged in a cute box (just add ribbon and a birthday card) and ta-da! Life saver.

The video on this site shows you exactly how it works, and I bet people will try it just for the fun of it (well, at least I would anyways :P)

It’s a great idea to have over 600 freshly baked cupcakes stored in one vending machine, but my only concern would be whether they would be fresh everytime? Time will tell. I would actually make a special trip to New York just to try this thing out. Crazy? Probably. 😛

Piping green

I’ve been working on my piping skills for the last few batches of cupcakes I made. As much as I love to cover cupcakes with fondant (to avoid my bad piping skills!) I realised that there are so many different piping tips that I can use to achieve different looks for cupcakes. So off I went, using different tips, then realising I didn’t have too many (looks like I’ll be doing some online purchases!) so I stuck to using different star tips to make the cupcakes look like roses. I love the way the whipped ganache is perfect for piping and it holds its shape so well.


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