Cupcake Vending Machine? Whooaaa!

I got sent this link by my sister Ayesha about a 24 hour Cupcake Vending Machine coming soon in New York! How awesome is that? I mean, it’s not the same as going into a bakery smelling of  freshly baked goodness, but hey, if youre out and about at 2 in the morning and craving a delicious red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, these vending machines wont let you down. Or if you forgot your friends birthday, pop over to the vending machine and it’ll dispense one yummy cupcake all packaged in a cute box (just add ribbon and a birthday card) and ta-da! Life saver.

The video on this site shows you exactly how it works, and I bet people will try it just for the fun of it (well, at least I would anyways :P)

It’s a great idea to have over 600 freshly baked cupcakes stored in one vending machine, but my only concern would be whether they would be fresh everytime? Time will tell. I would actually make a special trip to New York just to try this thing out. Crazy? Probably. 😛


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