Baby girl themed cupcakes

I made these cute little cupcakes for Jaaved’s cousin when their baby girl Imahn was born a few weeks ago. Traditionally, when a baby is born, the parents give out little gifts to family members on this joyous occasion. Zakiyah had requested cupcakes for each family on this gorgeous platter and for the cupcakes to have a baby theme. The little tags were made by Jaaved and we added the chocolates on each platter to finish the look. Each platter was wrapped in pink cellophane with some white ribbon and distributed.

The cupcakes were red in colour (special request) in vanilla flavour with white chocolate ganache swirls. I then added the toppers. The little bow ones are my favourite! The mould was gifted to me recently and were perfect for these cupcakes!

Congratulations once again to Zakiyah and Ibrahim on the birth of their little bundle of joy.


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Cookies and Royal Icing


They’re not cupcakes but they are just as yummy! I had a go at baking some sugar cookies and decorating with royal icing. Royal Icing can be such a pain to work with when you first start. It’s mostly the consistency that you need to get right and you need different consistencies for the same colour! I went through piping bag after piping and have decided to invest into some icing bottles. Sigh.

Anyways, they aren’t my best work but I’m not giving up. I am sure to make some more cookies and practice more piping.  Youre probably wondering where I came up with these designs right? I’ll be honest. This is what they were meant to look like, but um. well. they didn’t. Sigh.

Have a go though! It’s a lot of fun 🙂 You can use any cookie recipe and to make royal icing, go to Coles or Woolworths and buy a bag of royal icing (just add water) and off you go!

Happy Baking!

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Go green

I had some leftover green fondant that I wanted to use up on my cupcakes so I came up with these pretty little designs. Theres so much you can do with a few flower cutter and texture sheets and these are the just the beginning of some simple designs.

I’m attempting a rainbow cake while I’m visiting my hometown Auckland and hopefully it turns out as good as I picture it in my head. If not, oh well, at least I have plenty of people to eat it up!

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Piping roses

Here are some more cupcakes with little roses piped on.  I used whipped ganache for the roses and the leaves are made from fondant. I’m very pleased with how these cupcakes turned out. Look at those perfect round tops! 😀 I don’t usually get them so good and I’ve realised that the key is…. good ganache.

If your ganache is too runny, there is no way you’re going to get a good smooth consistency and be able to apply it and shape the ganache on top of the cupcake. And if your ganache underneath the fondant is not smooth, then the fondant isn’t going to sit nicely on top. So, when you try to make these, make sure your ganache is perfect to apply.

Moist Vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate ganache, covered in fondant. nom.

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