Butterfly Pinata cookies

Phew! It took me the whole day but I managed to finish making my pinata cookies. I thought it would be much easier than I experienced when I saw the tutorial on this blog, but it took a lot of patience, time and of course concentration. The hardest bit about making these cookies was cutting the slices of batter once it had come out of the freezer. I had problems with it breaking half way through and I couldnt get the slices to be as thin as I wanted and ended up with pinata cookies that were massive!

Layering the batter was also a huge task mostly because I couldnt find the right size container for it and ended up using one bigger than I needed. I also ended up with a lot of leftover cookie bits after cutting out the shapes.

I decided to make some butterfly shaped cookies and the rest into cupcake shapes.

These cookies are heaps of fun to make and the end result is worth it, but I’m going to try and find an easier way to make something similar. Watch this space! 🙂

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Mothers Day butterfly cupcakes

It’s Mothers Day tomorrow and what better way to spoil your mum than to make her some delicious cupcakes!

I made these as a little experiment and it turned out pretty good. Vanilla cake recipe coloured purple baked in a square cake tin. Once the cake is cooked and cooled, level the top then use a butterfly cutter to cut out the shapes.

Roll out some fondant and cut out the butterfly shape. Apply frosting to cake and stick the fondant on top.

To make the ‘mom’, use white melting chocolate and colour it pink. Pipe the letters on baking paper and stick the flowers in between the letters ensuring that the chocolate sticks to the flower. Once the chocolate dries up, peel it off the baking paper and use frosting to stick it onto the cupcake.

Happy Baking and Happy Mothers Day!

The Rainbow Cake

I did it! After months of wanting to make a rainbow cake, I finally found the time (and the colour gel paste) to make it! I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Auckland visiting family and I was itching to get back into the kitchen to try something new so as soon as the public holiday came around, I was back into baking mode.

Theres heaps of different ways to make Rainbow cake and I made it the way I found the easiest. I used boxed buttercake mixtures and ready made vanilla frosting. These are the items I used :

Separate the batter into 6 bowls (I know there’s 7 in the picture but that’s because I made a mistake). I found the best way to make sure that they were all equal was to use a measuring cup. Start dividing using 1 cup and then go from there.

Colour each one the colours of the rainbow! Try and get it as bright as you can.

Bake each colour one at a time in a round cake pan. It took me forever because I only have one round cake pan the right size! So to save time, try and borrow one from someone but make sure the cake pan are the same sizes. Once the cakes have cooled, starting piling them one on top of another frosting each between each cake. I thought I had applied  a lot of frosting but when I cut the cake, you could hardly see it. So be generous if you want it to show in between the layers. I used about four tubs of frosting for this cake.

Frost frost and frost some more. I did the crumb technique, then left it in the fridge for about 2 hours before applying the final coat of frosting.

Ok so the cake was a little wonky and thats probably because I didnt bother to smooth it all over. After all, its all about the inside! 😀

And ta-da! Beautiful colours!


Jaaved’s 30th – The Dessert Table

Jaaved celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend so I decided to give him a little surprise at his work by preparing a dessert table for his workmates and him to celebrate. Not only was it a huge shock to Jaaved when he walked in the office that morning, it was also a mystery on how I managed to get it organised without him having the slightest clue 😉

The dessert table consisted of 30th themed cupcakes, little caramel tarts, oreo mousse, cups of popcorn and M&Ms and berry punch. These are all some of Jaaved’s fav things put together for him and his workmates to enjoy together. I’m so glad that the treats were enjoyed, all that came back home that afternoon were my platters and decos!

Happy Birthday Jaaved. Lots of love. xox.

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