Butterfly Pinata cookies

Phew! It took me the whole day but I managed to finish making my pinata cookies. I thought it would be much easier than I experienced when I saw the tutorial on this blog, but it took a lot of patience, time and of course concentration. The hardest bit about making these cookies was cutting the slices of batter once it had come out of the freezer. I had problems with it breaking half way through and I couldnt get the slices to be as thin as I wanted and ended up with pinata cookies that were massive!

Layering the batter was also a huge task mostly because I couldnt find the right size container for it and ended up using one bigger than I needed. I also ended up with a lot of leftover cookie bits after cutting out the shapes.

I decided to make some butterfly shaped cookies and the rest into cupcake shapes.

These cookies are heaps of fun to make and the end result is worth it, but I’m going to try and find an easier way to make something similar. Watch this space! 🙂

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One thought on “Butterfly Pinata cookies

  1. O my god!! I just love these!! Cookies are like my second favourite thing ever – after Cup Cakes of course hehehehehehehehehehehe. O I am such a joker sometimes. The pictures make me feel like reaching through the screen cracking the cookie with my fist and shovelling all the smarties into my mouth!! O and don’t worry I am not going to stop there, I would then scrap the cookie up with my mouth and lick the plate until there was nothing left!!!

    James The Cup Cake Man.

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