Cute flower cupcake toppers

I’ve always been fascinated by gum paste and fondant flowers so when I visited the cake decorating shop I decided to invest in some flower making tools. I purchased some flower glue and a flower cutter along with some floral wire and got to work. I enjoyed making these flowers and I must have made about 50 of them until I was happy with the overall look. I used lavender color fondant and colored the petals with some pink shimmer paint to give it the effect below. I will post up a tutorial on how to make these flowers soon! (HERE)

The cupcakes are chocolate with cream cheese frosting and topped with a fondant flower.

Enjoy and Happy Baking!

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21st Birthday Cake

This cake was a customer order for a 21st birthday party. The request was chocolate cake filled and iced with buttercream in a brown and cream colour theme. I’ve always used ganache and fondant on my cakes so using buttercream was definitely a first! Buttercream is a creamy frosting made with butter and icing sugar (you can also add cream) and it’s perfect for piping. You can do all sorts of piping techniques using varied tips and mixing colours. 🙂

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Enjoy and Happy Baking!

Red Velvet mini cupcakes

I’ve never been much of a red velvet fan, probably because they are very dense cakes and I never understood what the big deal was with red coloured cupcakes. So when I got asked to make some for a family BBQ I secretly wanted to make vanilla cupcakes and colour them deep red (shhhhhhh!!!) BUT i didnt. Why? Because I knew that someone would notice and I would then be known as the girl who makes red velvet using vanilla cake and colouring it red. eek.
Anyways, I decided to make mini cupcakes as I always find that when it comes to any functions, the mini cupcakes are far more popular than making regular sizes for the simple reason that people dont feel half as bad popping a couple of mini ones than having one regular one (it’s all in your head people!) 😛
I tried red velvet for the first time and I must admit, it took me longer than I thought. I needed a lot more ingredients and some weird ones too (apple cider vinegar?!) but I made it! After overcooking the first batch, I still had more than enough batter to make over 50 mini cupcakes. My quality control manager aka dear husband, made sure that each batch was as perfect as could be.
Then it was time to make the cream cheese frosting and this was the first time I tried it and I now have a new favourite frosting! Cream cheese is a nice creamy frosting made with cream cheese, butter and a lot of icing sugar and I have to say, when cream cheese frosting meets red velvet cupcakes, they are the best cupcakes ever.

So here they are! I decorated them with little fondant flowers to make them look extra pretty 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Baking!

Rose cupcake tower

I made this rose cupcake tier for a customer that had requested a large bouquet as a birthday gift for a special someone! I did a bit of research on how to make something that was different and was able to hold as many as 20-30 cupcakes (mix of mini and medium sized cupcakes) and I came up with this! This tier is made up of over 20-30 cupcakes all secured down with toothpicks stuck on styrofoam. The rough edge look with the green tissue was intentional to make the tier a bit more exciting and it worked!

Dear husband decided to add silver hearts around the red ribbon to add a little something extra and the colours worked very well together. Isn’t he great?! 🙂

I used a smaller tip size to pipe on the mini cupcakes to give the rose look.

These roses were created using the Wilton 1M tip. Add a bit of edible glitter and the roses come to life 🙂  

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Happy Baking!