Rose cupcake tower

I made this rose cupcake tier for a customer that had requested a large bouquet as a birthday gift for a special someone! I did a bit of research on how to make something that was different and was able to hold as many as 20-30 cupcakes (mix of mini and medium sized cupcakes) and I came up with this! This tier is made up of over 20-30 cupcakes all secured down with toothpicks stuck on styrofoam. The rough edge look with the green tissue was intentional to make the tier a bit more exciting and it worked!

Dear husband decided to add silver hearts around the red ribbon to add a little something extra and the colours worked very well together. Isn’t he great?! 🙂

I used a smaller tip size to pipe on the mini cupcakes to give the rose look.

These roses were created using the Wilton 1M tip. Add a bit of edible glitter and the roses come to life 🙂  

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Happy Baking!


4 thoughts on “Rose cupcake tower

  1. this is stunning. how did u get the tiers to stay up? didn’t the sticks sink in further when you add the next tier?

    • Thank you! The tiers were made up of styrofoam that was very strong in structure and all I needed was a few skewer sticks to hold it up. Because styrofoam is so light, it will stay in place however you put it. : )

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