Cupcake Sundaes

Sundae cupcakes anyone?

These little cute cupcake designs were inspired by a recent photo I saw on the internet (I can’t find it anymore!) and I thought I would make some changes and make my very own cupcake sundaes. The cupcake is vanilla with chocolate buttercream and the cherry and the wafer are made from fondant.

Happy Baking 🙂


Pot plant cake

One of my colleagues put an order for a cake for his mother a few weeks ago so I asked him what she likes, what sort of colours and he talked about how his mother loved gardening and pot plants. lots of pot plants. So I decided I would make his mother a pot plant cake. It sounded easy in my head but believe me, it could have well been a disaster! As always, I underestimate the difficulty and time that these sorts of cakes take and I was lucky that I made the cake and the frosting 2 days in advance, which left me with just the assembly for the night before. I coloured fondant and applied it to that cake, made the flowers (see tutorial here) and coloured them, covered the cake board made the ‘dirt’ by crumbling cake and finally, I finished the cake.

When I took it to work that morning, my colleague stared at it for 10 minutes looking at all the fine detail. He even contemplated cutting the cake at work to have a piece! I’m just glad I pulled it off and he was very happy with it!

Happy Baking everyone!





Cupcake class 101 with Mio Cupcakes

I attended a cupcake class over the weekend with my fellow blogger friend Faaiza from modest munchy . We spent 2 1/2 playing with fondant and buttercream and decorating cupcakes with our instructor Sumayya from Mio cupcakes . I’ve recently taken a big liking to buttercream because of how easy it is to make, apply and store and this was a great class because we used butercream for all our cupcakes and decorated them with little fondant decos. We made little butterflies and bows, blossoms and roses and of course learnt quick and easy techniques on how to turn plain-looking cupcakes into a work of art. Here are our decos ready to place on our cupcakes:

Sumayya was a fantastic and very patient instructor the entire time and made sure that every student was happy with the end results.

I’ve done a cupcake class before with Whimsical Cakehouse (that’s where my hobby first started) and we used ganache and covered the cupcakes with fondant before decorating it. So now that I’ve done both classes and learnt how to use both types of toppings, I know I have plenty of new ideas to try out for the next few months. Watch this space for more cupcakes! 🙂

Thank you Sumayya for the enjoyable class! 🙂

Here are some more photos of our afternoon:

Tutorial: How to make flower toppers

I made these flower toppers last week and this week I have a quick tutorial on how to make them.

You will need:

fondant, paint brush (only to be used for cake decorating), petal or luster dust, rolling pin, flower cutter, ball tool, flower pad

Roll out your fondant and cut out the flowers with your flower cutter.

Using petal dust or luster dust colour the flowers as you like. Be as creative as you like!

Using a ball tool, thin out the petals by pressing the ball tool against the outer side of each petal.

Place the flowers into flower moulds or anything that will give the flower a curved look. I used my cake pop tray and in the past I have also used my mini cupcake tray. It all works the same 🙂

Brush some sugar flower glue in the centre of each flower and place cachous in the middle. Leave the flowers to set for a few hours (I left mine overnight).

And you end up with these: