Pot plant cake

One of my colleagues put an order for a cake for his mother a few weeks ago so I asked him what she likes, what sort of colours and he talked about how his mother loved gardening and pot plants. lots of pot plants. So I decided I would make his mother a pot plant cake. It sounded easy in my head but believe me, it could have well been a disaster! As always, I underestimate the difficulty and time that these sorts of cakes take and I was lucky that I made the cake and the frosting 2 days in advance, which left me with just the assembly for the night before. I coloured fondant and applied it to that cake, made the flowers (see tutorial here) and coloured them, covered the cake board made the ‘dirt’ by crumbling cake and finally, I finished the cake.

When I took it to work that morning, my colleague stared at it for 10 minutes looking at all the fine detail. He even contemplated cutting the cake at work to have a piece! I’m just glad I pulled it off and he was very happy with it!

Happy Baking everyone!






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