Eid Dessert Table

Eid Dessert Table

Eid is just around the corner and if I know my family well, my mum,grandmother and sisters will be busy this weekend preparing goodies and little treats for Eid. The house will be in chaos with packets of flour, cups of sugar, countless trips to the supermarket, recipes flying across the room and not to mention the oven running over time! I’m sure many of you can relate to that 😉

This year, Faaiza (from Modest Munchies) and I decided to put together a dessert table to give our readers some creative ideas on how they can display and create a dessert table for your Eid guests. Dessert tables are the latest trends amongst bloggers and party organisers and they are sure to give your Eid lunch/dinner the WOW factor.   Dessert tables are super easy to put together and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

barfi cupcakes

Our feature item were the cupcakes. Why do you ask? Well, see the frosting on that cupcake? See it? Its not just any ordinary  frosting. It’s BARFI frosting. Faaiza made frosting using ingredients to make barfi and ta-da! Once the photo shoot was over and it was time to break fast, I might have eaten 2 of them myself :O Faaiza will be uploading the recipe very soon so watch this space!

 cake pops     I made the cake pops with chocolate cake crumbles, dipped into chocolate and then covered in fondant.

pink macarons

The macarons were made by Faaiza and were flavoured rose and cardamom. The place cards were made by Jaaved and they are very easy to make. We printed these off on white cardboard and folded it in the middle. You can also hand make these place cards if you’re not too confident with using photoshop.

stencil biscuits

I enjoyed decorating these biscuits using the stencil technique and I will be sure to put up a tutorial soon (tutorial here)!

chocolate dipped strawberries

  Same goes for the chocolate dipped strawberries. We didnt purchase any platters or plates, we used what we had at home to present our little treats in. You can do the same! Find your everyday plates and platters and use doilies and tissue wrap to make them look pretty.

  date biscuits

The date biscuits (recipe HERE) and Punch made by Faaiza.  fruit punch

You can purchase plastic cups for drinks on your table. It’s easy, cheap and you dont have to worry about dishes. Use what you have at home for decorations. Using a white tablecloth is  a great option and doesnt make the table look  overcrowded.

party favours

And last but not least, the gift favours. You can pack anything into little bags for your guest to take home. Add some home made goodies or chocolates. Now, this table had 6-8 of each treat and if your family is as big as mine, the table will be empty in no time. To work around this, try a larger table or have two tables to put your sweets on so that everyone gets a little bit of everything.

And thats pretty much it! Faaiza and I are working on getting tutorials and recipes to you before Eid!

Give the dessert table a go and let us know how you went.

Happy Baking.

eid dessrt table


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