Stencil work on cookies

About a week ago Faaiza and I put together a Eid Dessert table to give our readers some ideas for Eid day. I promised I would have a quick tutorial on how to make the cookies that were on the table. So here it is:

Using royal icing, flood the cookies (make sure icing is not too runny) until the cookie covered in royal icing. Let dry completely (about 6-8 hours)

Using a stencil (you can print out some cookie stencils online too) place it firmly over the cookie

Using another colour (same consistency as when you flooded the cookie) smooth out the icing with a spatula until the stencil is covered well. Scrape the residue and pull the stencil off in one movement.

Thats it! ta-da 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stencil work on cookies

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