Eid favours

Every year for Eid, Jaaved and I invest in little gifts for our colleagues at work so that we can share our Eid celebrations with them. Little treats like chocolates and cupcakes individually wrapped for each person always goes down well and its a nice way to educate people about Ramadhan and Eid. It always surprises me how little people actually know about the month of Ramadhan and I spent most of the month trying to educate my team on the why/when/how/who questions. The fact that we also have celebrations was a surprise to some too! So I explained about the two times a year that we celebrate and of course, the more we talked about it, the more they were interested.

This year I had an even better reason to treat my team, simply because they are awesome! I love my job at 99bikes and the team that I work with have been absolutely fantastic to me during the month of fasting. Whether it was allowing me more flexible hours during the month so I could get home in time to break fast, or helping me with my tasks because I was tired, encouraging me to keep strong, making sure I was comfortable and trying not to eat in front of me (not that I  mind) and of course, this year the team decided to give one day of Ramadhan a go! Even though only one person lasted the whole day, it was definitely the thought that counts.

So this year I wanted to make sure that our little treats would really shout out a big thank you to our colleagues for their continuous support and understanding during the month. Since I have exams scheduled at the end of August, I didn’t spend too much time baking goodies in my kitchen. I baked the cupcakes and the sugar cookies and the macarons were ordered from my good friend Faaiza from modest munchies, and we  packed them into gift boxes. I decided on a blue and orange theme and asked Faaiza to make the macarons in those colours too!  Heres a closer look at the cookies and cupcakes.

And of course, the teams at both of our offices loved it! 🙂 HAPPY EID EVERYONE! 🙂



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