The ‘just because’ cake

I’ve found a new love for piping and all the different tips and icing mixtures that I can use to create cakes and cupcakes. I made this cake so that I could practice my piping (yes, i do stuff like that). I also wanted to give butter cream another go after my first attempt here and see how different it is from other forms of icing mixtures. I had a few piping tips of my own so i made a batch of butter cream icing, coloured them purlpe and green and starting having some fun.

I used a large star tip to create the ‘ruffle’ look with the green and a smaller start tip for for the purple ‘wave’ look. You don’t necessarily have to make a cake just to practice piping. You can start practicing on baking paper and that way you can keep re-using the icing mixture again and again.

I am working on a tutorial on different icing tips and how you can use them to create different look. Watch this space.

Butter cream is a great mixture for piping because it holds its shape very well and hardens a little later. It’s also easy to colour and stores for ages! Give it a try  🙂

Happy Baking!


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