Birthday Cupcake tower

Eid this year was a double celebration since it was my father in laws birthday on the day and my mother in laws birthday a few days later. Jaaveds cousin also celebrated her birthday a couple of days later! Phew! This called for some cake. I was asked to make some cupcakes so I decided to make a cupcake tower which included over 30 mini cupcakes topped off with a 4inch cake at the top. I tried to keep the colours neutral and green and blue as the colour combination.

Enjoy! ūüôā


Pink and Yellow fever

I’ve recently started playing with different colour combinations with my cupcake designs and at the moment my favourite combo is pink and yellow! I love how these bright colours stand out and make any cupcake look amazing.

I made this cake using my new 4inch cake pan, covered it in vanilla buttercream, cut out strips of fondant and covered the cake with them. I left the top of the cake for the flowers which were all hand made and placed them on top. I used cake decorators wire to help the flowers stay in place.

Black and white themed cupcakes

A few weeks ago I got an order for some black and white themed cupcakes. I used my usual chocolate flavor recipe and used ganache and a 1M Wilton tip to create a swirl before adding the toppers. I made the toppers well in advance and stored them in a air tight container until the day I baked the cupcakes. The flowers were made using white fondant (tutorial here) and I made a small amount of icing using icing sugar, a few drops of water and black food coloring to make the dots in the centre of each flower. The round toppers were dusted with some luster dust to give it an extra shimmer!

Italian themed cake

A friend of mine put an order in for a cake for his partner for her birthday recently. She’s¬†originally¬†from Italy and he wanted an Italian themed cake to¬†surprise¬†her with. I got to work on the white and red flowers (tutorial here) and used green¬†butter cream¬†to make the colours of the Italian flag. Once the flowers had dried up, I assembled them on top of the cake ¬†and piped (using a star tip) green¬†butter cream¬†on the sides.¬†The chocolate was a chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate fudge¬†butter cream. Yum!

And this is what I ended up with!