Piping on Cake Pops

A few weeks ago I got asked to make some cake pops and it’s been a while since I last made them and I decided to keep them relatively simply designed. I made my all time favourite oreo and cream cheese mixture and rolled them out into small balls. I left them in the fridge for 2 hours before dipping them into white chocolate and letting them dry out before piping with pink and green. Piping on cake pops is quite easy, make sure that the consistency of the chocolate is not too runny so that you can achieve the designs that you want. To finish off, I dusted it with some silver shimer.

Happy Baking!













Gift Box Cake

Its been a while since I made some cakes. I’ve been pretty busy trying to juggle work, studies and everything else all into a few months before we are off on holidays. So when I got asked to make a mini gift box cake for a colleague, it was the perfect opportunity to take a break from everything around me and work on something that I love doing. And I did. For those that don’t know, dear husband gifted me an airbrushing machine a few months ago and I am hooked! I pretty much air brush anything and everything I can when it comes to cupcakes and cakes.

The gift box is airbrushed using a light blue color and the bow was made using fondant. The bows on the cupcakes are actually made using a mold i purchased awhile ago! For the cupcakes, I piped the buttercream using the Wilton 1M tip and airbrushed it with a bit of blue! I thought it turned out pretty nice 🙂

Happy Baking everyone!

Another flag cake!

So I’ve been a bit lazy with blog post for the last month. Sorry to all my readers! It’s just been very busy with studies and other commitments that have come up.

Anyways, here’s a cake I made for a friend of mine who wanted a cake for a birthday party. He wanted the cake to represent the Slovenia flag so I decided to do a 3 layer cake with the colours of the flag, and the coat of arms on the top. The cake was a moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and decorated with vanilla buttercream!

Sorry in advance for the really bad (and only) photo I have of this cake. I was in such a rush to deliver it, I only had time for one photo!