My 25th Birthday Bash! Part 3 of 3

Phew! So this is the last post for my birthday Bash!

In this blog, ill cover the actual cake decorating aspect of the party! yay!

When I first decided on including cupcake decorating as part of my party, I wanted to make sure that I had a structured plan on how I was going to make the best use of my time to teach my guest as much about cupcake decorating as possible. I decided to give each guest 4 cupcakes to decorate – 2 with buttercream piping and the other two with fondant.

As part of the part favour for guest to take home, I also provided them with cupcake aprons!

We started off with buttercream piping and I did a little tutorial in the beginning using different tips and teaching them how to fill a piping bag. I used the Wilton 1M tip to create roses and swirls. I asked Maryam (from maryams kitchen) to make me some of her delicious buttercream which everyone was able to practice on baking paper with and to pipe on their cupcakes. I then showed them how to use the airbrush machine to give their cupcakes a little bit of colour. I have a feeling the airbrush machine was definitely the highlight of the party! thanks jaaved 😉


We then took a break for lunch and then came back to work on the next two cupcakes using fondant. We rolled out the fondant to make a disc and while I took one group to show them how to make easy fondant flowers with no cutters, Maryam showed them how to make them a cute little handbag! I had made some decorations prior to the party so that guest could decorate their cupcakes with little butterflies and daisy.
The girls had a fantastic time being creative and working on different techniques and just having fun! It was great to see the end results and each guest got to their cupcakes home in a takeaway box.
Hope you all enjoyed the last few post! Happy Baking! 🙂

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