Passionfruit Macarons

I’ve tried lots and lots and lots and lots (ok i think you get the point) of macaron recipes, and I must suck at it because every recipe I have tried, I have failed. There were a few times I got close, but I can’t say I have made the perfect batch of macarons. sigh.

So when Adriano Zumbo macaron box mixtures hit the supermarkets, I was rather excited.. so I bought a box of passion fruit flavoured macaron mix and made them that very night. I can say, this is the BEST box mix I have ever tried. The instructions are so easy, and all that is required is a bit of water! I have made these a few times since the first time, and each and every time, they were perfect!


This is after all the ingredients have been added.


The box mix also includes a piping bag that even indicates where to cut off before piping! smart cookies!


And set aside for 10 minutes and into the oven.


OMG! they have feet!!! 😀


And the end result 🙂