Large Rose cake with Stenciling

I recently learnt how to make large flowers (yay!) and I am sort of obsessed! I’ve made over 10 roses in the last few days and the more I make them, the better they start looking. I decided to make good use of the roses so I baked, filled and covered a chocolate cake with fondant, stenciled a floral design around the cake with luster dust (works a treat!) and made little fondant balls to go around the bottom of the cake. I placed the roses on top using toothpicks to keep them in place and well, it could pass as a small wedding cake 😉

Speaking of weddings, my younger sister is getting married next year and my brain has been working over time thinking about all the different types of cakes, biscuits and cupcakes we could make for the functions leading up to the wedding (for those that aren’t aware, Indian weddings are big and go on for a few days :O)

Now that I have more time to dedicate to my blog, I’m hoping to ‘trial’ some of my ideas and will post updates soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of my latest work.

Happy Baking!

P.S – Razia from Cake creations by Razia showed me a tutorial on how to make these flowers. She’s recently started her own cake business and she’s extremely talented! Check out her cakes here.



flower3  cake2




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