Wedding Reception cupcakes

My brother in law got married a few months ago and they had a reception in Brisbane after the actual wedding ceremony a month before in South Africa. It was a pretty hectic time for everyone since we were preparing to move to Dubai and had to pack up our entire life in less than 3  weeks! But it all came together at the end which was a relief.

Indian weddings are never easy, mostly because there’s always so many things to organise for the days leading up to the wedding and like I mentioned in my previous post, indian weddings can go on for days with different functions including the henna/sangeet (musical) night, family BBQ’s and prayers for the new bride and groom and the weddings are never small. For our wedding, we had almost 550 people and a 3 day function leading up to it!

Anyways, today I wanted to share some photos of the cupcakes we made for my BIL and new SIL reception. The colours for the night were green and gold so we decided to go with those colours for the cupcakes. Since there were going to be around 400 people at the reception, we asked family friends to make some chocolate cupcakes for us which left us with 20o cupcakes to make. It took us between 8am-3pm to finish up these cupcakes including baking time. I used the box mix for my cupcakes as I knew this was an easier/faster way to get these cupcakes made. I baked them, cooled them and made vanilla buttercream. We then made a little production line.

DSC02248 (2)

baked cupcakes..mmmmmm
DSC02249 (2)

beautiful swirls done by SIL x2DSC02250 (2)

Airbrushing station

I had my two sister in laws (Jaaved’s sister and the new bride) help me out.. and yes! we made the new bride work! 😛 but she was insisting.. she has a bit of a baking/decorating obsession I think 😉 I showed my SIL how to pipe swirls on the cupcakes and she piped away (4 boxes of swirls!), I airbrushed them using green and gold, and the new bride decorated them using ready made icing toppers. The decorating time took us around 2 1/2 hours to do. I think it was a splendid job! Good work team! and thanks for the photos 😉

and of course, thank you to dear husband for being the taster.

And here they are:

m--510 (2)

m--543 (2)



the venueIMG_6406



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