Swirls and flowers – Tutorial!

I’ve finally had the chance to dedicate more time to my blog and to my love of baking and decorating, so I’ve been spending a bit of time with different colour combinations for cupcake designs. I recently made some french vanilla flavoured cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream. I wanted to work more on piping so I did some rose swirls and ordinary swirls and made some purple and yellow toppers.

I did a quick tutorial on how to make these toppers too!


Roll out your fondant 2mm thickness. Make sure that the fondant is rolled out evenly. I added tylose to the fondant to help dry it out once the flowers are cut.


Cut out flowers and butterflies using your cutters. Cut out a few spare ones just in case!


I use egg trays (after its been cleaned) to let my flowers dry and create its shape.


Roll out little balls using a different colour to that of the flower (I chose yellow) and stick them in the middle of each flower using a bit of water.


Leave these to dry for a few hours or until they are stiff. Mine took about 2 hours before it was ready to use on my cupcakes.


For the butterflies, using A4 paper, fold it as above and place butterflies as seen below.


Once the butterflies and flowers have dried, place them on top of your buttercream swirls.

And the end result: beautiful cupcakes with green swirls and pink flower toppers




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