Purple and teal

I’ve been trying some new colour combinations for my cupcake toppers and thought dark purple and teal would make a pretty nice combination. I used the colours to make flower toppers (tutorial here) as well as embedded round toppers with skirting. I’ve obviously had a lot more time the last couple of months to work on new combinations and designs and realised that the possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for more!

What are your favourite colour combos?









Happy Birthday Jocelyn!

I recently got an order to make a birthday cake, with no specific design or colour scheme, so I took the opportunity to make an ombre cake 😀 I used AmeriColor gel in teal colour and kept adding a drop after each layer to create the effect. To make the roses, I used my favourite Wilton 1M tip and using a turntable, piped the roses around the cake. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, especially because I was able to get the buttercream to perfect piping consistency which I have been struggling to perfect since the humidity in Dubai is horrible for cake decorators :S

So here it is 🙂 Happy Birthday Jocelyn!




Vintage themed cupcakes

This year for Eid, I decided to go for a vintage theme with my dessert table and decorations for our home. As most of you know, we recently moved to Dubai which means this would have been the first Eid without family! Fortunately for us, my sister lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabic with her husband and my almost 2 year old niece, and they decided to come down and spend Eid with us. I made the vintage toppers a week in advance and decided to bake carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (they turned out delicious! recipe coming soon!).

Unfortunately, we had a family tragedy a day before Eid which meant we had to leave for Brisbane the very next day.  😦

I managed to distribute the cupcakes to work colleagues and some friends before we left. These toppers took me a while to create, everything is handmade from fondant. I used a smaller flower cutter to make the roses and luster dust to finish off the vintage look.

Enjoy! 🙂





Cupcakes for any occasion in Dubai

Do you need cupcakes for a birthday party? or a bridal shower? or baby shower? or an office function? or something else?

Talk to me for your next cupcake order!

I can whip up a batch of cupcakes for just about any occasion – whatever the theme. Let’s talk and work out the finer details of your cupcakes like flavour, colour, topping, decoration etc and then I’ll get to work on making you the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted!

I’m based in Dubai and at present only offer pickup but can possibly offer delivery within Dubai depending on location – but please ask about this before hand.

I look forward to offering you the best cupcakes Dubai has to offer!

Cupcake Decorating Classes in Dubai

Learn to decorate cupcakes and take a cupcake decorating class in Dubai with me!

I love decorating cupcakes for any event but I also love doing it just for fun. I also love to teach what I know and I had so much fun hosting a cupcake decorating class as part of my 25th Birthday Celebrations last year that I feel this great passion and desire to continue along that route and offer similar classes here in Dubai.

I’m offering classes for ladies only and you can find out more about the classes on the dedicated Cupcake Decorating Classes page.

See you soon!

xo Siddiqa