Vintage themed cupcakes

This year for Eid, I decided to go for a vintage theme with my dessert table and decorations for our home. As most of you know, we recently moved to Dubai which means this would have been the first Eid without family! Fortunately for us, my sister lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabic with her husband and my almost 2 year old niece, and they decided to come down and spend Eid with us. I made the vintage toppers a week in advance and decided to bake carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (they turned out delicious! recipe coming soon!).

Unfortunately, we had a family tragedy a day before Eid which meant we had to leave for Brisbane the very next day.  😦

I managed to distribute the cupcakes to work colleagues and some friends before we left. These toppers took me a while to create, everything is handmade from fondant. I used a smaller flower cutter to make the roses and luster dust to finish off the vintage look.

Enjoy! 🙂






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