Baby Shower Cake pops

I had a blast making these yummy little treats for a baby shower that I recently attended.  Jaaved’s cousin Zakiyah (mother to be!)  had requested for cake pops favours to give away to guests at her party. After much research (meaning google :P) on what sort of cake pops to make to fit the baby theme, I came up with these baby rattle designs. The marshmallows were Jaaved’s idea (had to give him credit!) and the little tags that read “Thank you for attending Zakiyah’s baby shower”  were also made by him.

Oreo and cream cheese cakepop with pink chocolate coating and fondant flowers ‘glued’ on.


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Valentines Cakepops

Valentines Day is just around the corner so if you’re looking for a thoughtful, fun, easy and cheap way to suprise your loved one, try making these heart cake pops!

I used a small heart cutter so that the cake pops doesn’t become too heavy on the stick. I used chocolate mudcake and mixed it together using an electrical beater.

I used lollipop sticks but as a substitute, you can also use short skewers.

Merckens red chocolate melted at 30 second intervals.

After this step, set it aside for 10 minutes in a cool area.

Dip the rest of the cake pop into the chocolate making sure the entire heart is covered.

Roll out some fondant and using a smaller heart cutter and a textured sheet, cut out hearts and using leftover chocolate as glue, stick them on to each cake pop.


Angry Birds Cake pops

So I gave in to the big craze over Angry Birds! Jaaved is a huge fan, so I made these for him 🙂 These took me a while to make and although I don’t have a full tutorial  for these (there are way too many steps!) I am happy to answer any specific questions.

I used chocolate mudcake because I find these the easiest to make shapes with. The rest is actually made from fondant. I thought about using chocolate but the thought of the mess I create when I work with chocolate was enough to put me off 😛

To make the yellow bird (see pics here) I cut out a heart shape using a heart cutter. I then cut off the tops of the heart which left me with a nice triangle shape. I covered it with fondant and worked on the eyes, nose etc using different cutters but most of it was done free hand. For the red bird, I made a ball out of the mudcake and covered it with red fondant.

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And here they are! 🙂

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More cake pops! yay!

Here are some more cake pops I made the other day. These were made using paramount crystals in the chocolate (see my blog post  ‘the secret ingedient‘) to help with the dipping. These are probably my best ever cake pops (still not perfect though!) and I decided to go with a green and purple combo. They colours work well together and before the chocolate set I  sprinkled some edible glitter and added butterflies made from fondant. I stuck them on the cake pop using the remaning chocolate, filling it into a piping bag and using it as ‘glue’. The cake pop is chocolate mud cake and I added some frosting to help keep the shape.

This time, I made sure that after I rolled them into small balls, I left them in the fridge for a little longer before poking them with the stick with a little bit of chocolate on it. I then put it back into the fridge for 30 minutes before dipping the entire cake pop into melted chocolate. I didnt colour these chocolates with food colouring, these are readymade coloured chocolate. However I am noticing that it will be cheaper for me in the long run to

And here they are!

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Rose cake pop bouquet

So making rose cake pops wasn’t enough for me – I decided to wrap them up nicely in the style of a bouquet!

I put 7 together nicely with some ribbon and some kind of paper I’m not entirely sure the name of and voila, a beautiful rose cake pop bouquet that would make anyone smile!

Interested in a bouquet? get in touch for more details!

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Rose Pops

I was feeling a little creative tonight and the idea of these came to me after I had a lovely evening with my walking buddy Nazeera. She mentioned something about roses and suddenly, the idea of rose pops came to me. I went home and had some of my sisters caramel mud cupcakes left over.

So what did I do? I mashed up the cupcakes using a beater and added chocolate frosting before rolling it into rose bud moulds. I then dipped each one in pink coloured chocolate and added fondant leaves to them. After they were all dipped and had hardened, I piped the swirls to finish off the rose look.

Here they are! 🙂

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Swirly Designed cake pops

Here is another attempt at cake pops (I think I’m addicted!) These were made with blue coloured melting chocolate that i bought online. The swirls were also made with pink coloured chocolate. I found that these were a lot more easier to work with as the chocolate hardened quicker than any other baking chocolate I used. The end result also look much better because the colour is so solid and bright. So next time you try to make cake pops, try coloured melting chocolate and see whether you can see the difference.  Just some advice though, dont heat them up in the microwave, its better on the stove over boiling water. I’m talking from experience 😛

Here they are.

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