Chocolate Butterflies: TUTORIAL

My last post I posted up pictures of chocolate butterflies I made for my nieces birthday cake. Today, I have a quick tutorial on how to make these. Chocolate butterflies are a great way to add a bit of decoration to your cakes without using fondant. Its easy to make, and you can make them in different colours and sizes. I used nestle white chocolate melts as the chocolate wont melt on your cake. Make sure you use gel paste colours to colour your chocolate!



Swirls and flowers – Tutorial!

I’ve finally had the chance to dedicate more time to my blog and to my love of baking and decorating, so I’ve been spending a bit of time with different colour combinations for cupcake designs. I recently made some french vanilla flavoured cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream. I wanted to work more on piping so I did some rose swirls and ordinary swirls and made some purple and yellow toppers.

I did a quick tutorial on how to make these toppers too!


Roll out your fondant 2mm thickness. Make sure that the fondant is rolled out evenly. I added tylose to the fondant to help dry it out once the flowers are cut.


Cut out flowers and butterflies using your cutters. Cut out a few spare ones just in case!


I use egg trays (after its been cleaned) to let my flowers dry and create its shape.


Roll out little balls using a different colour to that of the flower (I chose yellow) and stick them in the middle of each flower using a bit of water.


Leave these to dry for a few hours or until they are stiff. Mine took about 2 hours before it was ready to use on my cupcakes.


For the butterflies, using A4 paper, fold it as above and place butterflies as seen below.


Once the butterflies and flowers have dried, place them on top of your buttercream swirls.

And the end result: beautiful cupcakes with green swirls and pink flower toppers



Tutorial: How to make flower toppers

I made these flower toppers last week and this week I have a quick tutorial on how to make them.

You will need:

fondant, paint brush (only to be used for cake decorating), petal or luster dust, rolling pin, flower cutter, ball tool, flower pad

Roll out your fondant and cut out the flowers with your flower cutter.

Using petal dust or luster dust colour the flowers as you like. Be as creative as you like!

Using a ball tool, thin out the petals by pressing the ball tool against the outer side of each petal.

Place the flowers into flower moulds or anything that will give the flower a curved look. I used my cake pop tray and in the past I have also used my mini cupcake tray. It all works the same 🙂

Brush some sugar flower glue in the centre of each flower and place cachous in the middle. Leave the flowers to set for a few hours (I left mine overnight).

And you end up with these:

Cake problems and solutions

Phew! What a day its been!

Today Nazeera and I attempted a massive 90 cut birthday cake and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Now, usually when I’m baking cupcakes and one cupcake isnt quite right or is ruined for whatever reason, I can give it to Jaaved to eat 😛 or use it to make cake pops. I realised with an actual cake, you definitely cant eat the part that didnt quite turn out right!

Here are some things that went wrong while making this cake and this blog post is to help people who have been in that situation before and to help overcome these problems.

1. The chocolate for the ganache overheated. We used thickened cream and I overheated the chocolate so it started to stiffen and curdle. In a panic, I was about to start a new batch, but instead, we let the ganache cool, drained out the excessive liquid, added a bit more cream, and after about an hour or so, it was ready to use!

2. We applied the ganache, smoothed it over and we were left with a 9 and a 0 that was just covered in blue staring at us. We were lost for ideas for a moment, then decided to pipe around the number to give it a more defined look. We tried colouring the ganache, but the oil based food colouring was giving us some funky colours so we ended up with a teal look, which actually worked quite well!

3.The ganache for piping was too runny this time though, so we had to keep it in the fridge for a while before piping queen Nazeera piped neatly around the numbers. ( I so wish I had taken photos of this whole process!)

4. Since the theme of the party was blue, we decided to make it a white polka dot cake. We cut out fondant with a cutter (rolled it over a texture sheet) and applied it around cake and on top. I couldnt help my self when I saw the white circles around the cake and decided to put some flowers on them 😛

5. Finally, we put circles on the cake board vertically, and piped “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on it.

So next time you feel overwhelmed with a cake to decorate and everything seems to be going from bad to worse, here are three things you need to help you get through and produce a beautiful cake

1) Patience. Be patient and let your mind think things through and then proceed.

2) Moral support. The whole experience was so much better because we decorated the cake together and chipped in where we could to get the end result.

3) Breathe. Just breathe.

And 4 hours, 6 packets of chocolate melts, lots of blue colouring and even more patience, we came up with this…

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90th Birthday Bash

Today Jaaved’s grandfather (Hajee Pe) turned 90 and to celebrate this special occasion we decided to make a very special birthday cake for a very special person! We are so grateful to have Hajee Pe amongst us all the time to give us advice, guide and always pray for us. We wish you a very Happy Birthday and may you have many more years of happiness, good health and many more memories.

Nazeera and I worked together on the ’90’ cut birthday cake and although we encountered many problems (I will be blogging about this later HERE!), we managed to work through it all and came out with a much loved cake by all. The theme for the day was blue (Hajee Pe’s favourite colour) so we made the cake to match with blue coloured ganache and white polka dots.

On this blog, I want to share some family photos of the party we had and of course of the cake!


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Yellow Angry Birds steps

Again, sorry for not having a full tutorial. I started taking photos in the beginning and then got too busy with the detail to take more. Here is a starting point for the yellow angry bird. For the fondant, I used white and coloured it yellow (a lot of yellow!) Enjoy!

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Money saving tips and tricks

I now have a facebook page, so join me and get regular updates on my blog. Like my page here.

Cake decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. In fact, the more you look around your home, the more materials you will find that will help substitute expensive cake decorating tools.

The accountant in me couldnt resist  posting about money saving tricks and tips to help you get started without having to fork out too much $$$!!

Tip #1
Flower moulding tools can cost anywhere between $8-$10 per mould. A substitute for this, I use Jaaveds mini paint pallette that fits 12 flowers and the end result is just the same as what you would get with the mould. This pallette cost $1 from the dollar store so even if you buy a couple of these, youll still have some change leftover. Saving of $7!!

Tip #2 cake pop holders
Cake pop holder are hard to find and even buying styrofoam can get expensive! For this, I’ve found it so easy and cheap to buy florist blocks. These are blocks that you can also find at the dollar store and are primarily used for flower arrangements. Using these make it easy to stick the cake pop sticks into the block and can be used again and again or thrown away after each use. I bought these for $1.50 a $2 depending on the size. Cake pop stands cost anywhere between $15-$20! A saving of $13!

Tip #3 Ready to Roll Fondant (RTRF)

I only ever buy white fondant and this way I can color it whatever colour I want without having to buy different colours separately. Not only does this save money, it reduces wastage bcause you can colour fondant depending on how much you need.

Tip #4 Food colouring

Food colouring is an important tool for cake  decorating and it’s important to have the right brand and type. To help colour materials like fondant, the best colouring (in my opinion) to use is Wilton concentrated gel paste. These are extremely good to use for everything, but make sure you don’t use too much. It’s a concentrate, so a little goes a long way! This is a great  money saving trick as these gel paste last ages! Try buying them in a box of all Colours rather than separately. You can save anywhere between $20-$25.

Thats all for now! I will be blogging more about money saving tricks soon!

Happy saving! 🙂