Stencil work on cookies

About a week ago Faaiza and I put together a Eid Dessert table to give our readers some ideas for Eid day. I promised I would have a quick tutorial on how to make the cookies that were on the table. So here it is:

Using royal icing, flood the cookies (make sure icing is not too runny) until the cookie covered in royal icing. Let dry completely (about 6-8 hours)

Using a stencil (you can print out some cookie stencils online too) place it firmly over the cookie

Using another colour (same consistency as when you flooded the cookie) smooth out the icing with a spatula until the stencil is covered well. Scrape the residue and pull the stencil off in one movement.

Thats it! ta-da 🙂

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Eid Dessert Table

Eid Dessert Table

Eid is just around the corner and if I know my family well, my mum,grandmother and sisters will be busy this weekend preparing goodies and little treats for Eid. The house will be in chaos with packets of flour, cups of sugar, countless trips to the supermarket, recipes flying across the room and not to mention the oven running over time! I’m sure many of you can relate to that 😉

This year, Faaiza (from Modest Munchies) and I decided to put together a dessert table to give our readers some creative ideas on how they can display and create a dessert table for your Eid guests. Dessert tables are the latest trends amongst bloggers and party organisers and they are sure to give your Eid lunch/dinner the WOW factor.   Dessert tables are super easy to put together and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

barfi cupcakes

Our feature item were the cupcakes. Why do you ask? Well, see the frosting on that cupcake? See it? Its not just any ordinary  frosting. It’s BARFI frosting. Faaiza made frosting using ingredients to make barfi and ta-da! Once the photo shoot was over and it was time to break fast, I might have eaten 2 of them myself :O Faaiza will be uploading the recipe very soon so watch this space!

 cake pops     I made the cake pops with chocolate cake crumbles, dipped into chocolate and then covered in fondant.

pink macarons

The macarons were made by Faaiza and were flavoured rose and cardamom. The place cards were made by Jaaved and they are very easy to make. We printed these off on white cardboard and folded it in the middle. You can also hand make these place cards if you’re not too confident with using photoshop.

stencil biscuits

I enjoyed decorating these biscuits using the stencil technique and I will be sure to put up a tutorial soon (tutorial here)!

chocolate dipped strawberries

  Same goes for the chocolate dipped strawberries. We didnt purchase any platters or plates, we used what we had at home to present our little treats in. You can do the same! Find your everyday plates and platters and use doilies and tissue wrap to make them look pretty.

  date biscuits

The date biscuits (recipe HERE) and Punch made by Faaiza.  fruit punch

You can purchase plastic cups for drinks on your table. It’s easy, cheap and you dont have to worry about dishes. Use what you have at home for decorations. Using a white tablecloth is  a great option and doesnt make the table look  overcrowded.

party favours

And last but not least, the gift favours. You can pack anything into little bags for your guest to take home. Add some home made goodies or chocolates. Now, this table had 6-8 of each treat and if your family is as big as mine, the table will be empty in no time. To work around this, try a larger table or have two tables to put your sweets on so that everyone gets a little bit of everything.

And thats pretty much it! Faaiza and I are working on getting tutorials and recipes to you before Eid!

Give the dessert table a go and let us know how you went.

Happy Baking.

eid dessrt table

Cupcake Sundaes

Sundae cupcakes anyone?

These little cute cupcake designs were inspired by a recent photo I saw on the internet (I can’t find it anymore!) and I thought I would make some changes and make my very own cupcake sundaes. The cupcake is vanilla with chocolate buttercream and the cherry and the wafer are made from fondant.

Happy Baking 🙂


Cute flower cupcake toppers

I’ve always been fascinated by gum paste and fondant flowers so when I visited the cake decorating shop I decided to invest in some flower making tools. I purchased some flower glue and a flower cutter along with some floral wire and got to work. I enjoyed making these flowers and I must have made about 50 of them until I was happy with the overall look. I used lavender color fondant and colored the petals with some pink shimmer paint to give it the effect below. I will post up a tutorial on how to make these flowers soon! (HERE)

The cupcakes are chocolate with cream cheese frosting and topped with a fondant flower.

Enjoy and Happy Baking!

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Rose cupcake tower

I made this rose cupcake tier for a customer that had requested a large bouquet as a birthday gift for a special someone! I did a bit of research on how to make something that was different and was able to hold as many as 20-30 cupcakes (mix of mini and medium sized cupcakes) and I came up with this! This tier is made up of over 20-30 cupcakes all secured down with toothpicks stuck on styrofoam. The rough edge look with the green tissue was intentional to make the tier a bit more exciting and it worked!

Dear husband decided to add silver hearts around the red ribbon to add a little something extra and the colours worked very well together. Isn’t he great?! 🙂

I used a smaller tip size to pipe on the mini cupcakes to give the rose look.

These roses were created using the Wilton 1M tip. Add a bit of edible glitter and the roses come to life 🙂  

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Happy Baking!


Mothers Day butterfly cupcakes

It’s Mothers Day tomorrow and what better way to spoil your mum than to make her some delicious cupcakes!

I made these as a little experiment and it turned out pretty good. Vanilla cake recipe coloured purple baked in a square cake tin. Once the cake is cooked and cooled, level the top then use a butterfly cutter to cut out the shapes.

Roll out some fondant and cut out the butterfly shape. Apply frosting to cake and stick the fondant on top.

To make the ‘mom’, use white melting chocolate and colour it pink. Pipe the letters on baking paper and stick the flowers in between the letters ensuring that the chocolate sticks to the flower. Once the chocolate dries up, peel it off the baking paper and use frosting to stick it onto the cupcake.

Happy Baking and Happy Mothers Day!


Whimsical Foundation Cake Class

I attended the Whimsical Foundation Cake Class over the weekend, I did the round cake class on Saturday and the square on Sunday. As part of my 25 things to do before turning 25, this was number 6 on my list and I couldnt wait for these classes. I’ve been counting down for months!

I finally found out how to get those sharp edges on square cake and how to make round ones look half way decent! The bow was the tricky bit because you have to be quick with your fingers so that the shape turns out the way you want. I had a blast with the class of 8 and the 7 hours I fiddled with my cake making the finishing touches. We learnt different techniques on ganaching cake, applying fondant and covering cake boards without chocolate marks! I was indeed in Cake Heaven this weekend!

Can not wait till Jaaved books me in for the 2 tier cake and flower making class *hint hint*

Here are some photos of the end result.  Enjoy and Happy Baking everyone!

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