Whimsical Foundation Cake Class

I attended the Whimsical Foundation Cake Class over the weekend, I did the round cake class on Saturday and the square on Sunday. As part of my 25 things to do before turning 25, this was number 6 on my list and I couldnt wait for these classes. I’ve been counting down for months!

I finally found out how to get those sharp edges on square cake and how to make round ones look half way decent! The bow was the tricky bit because you have to be quick with your fingers so that the shape turns out the way you want. I had a blast with the class of 8 and the 7 hours I fiddled with my cake making the finishing touches. We learnt different techniques on ganaching cake, applying fondant and covering cake boards without chocolate marks! I was indeed in Cake Heaven this weekend!

Can not wait till Jaaved books me in for the 2 tier cake and flower making class *hint hint*

Here are some photos of the end result.  Enjoy and Happy Baking everyone!

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